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Whitepaper: Conversational Commerce - IVRs Take on New Tasks by Dan Miller

if you're like most companies, you treat your voice automation as a set-it-and-forget action. However, if you're not keeping up on the latest trends in voice automation, you're missing out on the opportunity to drive an improved customer experience and business economics. 

Readers will learn:

  • Best practices for introducing automation into revenue-oriented contact centers
  • Real results from global brands who have integrated voice automation into their sales processes
  • Latest technology trends to deliver a superior voice automation experience

According to several recent research studies, people will go to great lengths to avoid interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Yet progressive, customer-pleasing companies like Hyatt Hotels are putting conversational IVR systems into place to the benefit of both their guests and their contact center agents. Therefore, in an age when some have said “The IVR is Dead,” we see “Conversational IVR” playing the role of Virtual Assistant in the enterprise, fostering a better customer experience and higher morale among customer service representatives.

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